Lila Payne – Latex Lover

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We found these pics & clips of Lila Payne on Scoreland.
What SCORELAND members said about Lila Payne, the Australian super-natural who debuted on Valentine's Day.
"Everything about her is so warm and comforting. I think I speak for most of us when I say that I have been anxiously awaiting her upcoming new vids."-Livky.
"I would have to say Lila is what this web site is all about."-Mam man.
"Amazing! Perfectly stacked. Such a beautiful woman. I could only be so lucky to have a night with her."-Mr. Green.
Super-voluptuous Lila is an escort, a fetish model, a BDSM and kink expert and a webcam model. Eroticism is her life. "Kink forms part of my sexual identity," said Lila. The brunette beauty definitely roped us into her web of bosomania with her big 36JJ naturals and bodacious booty. "My breasts are very heavy. They weigh six kilos [13 pounds] in total."
Watch Lila's exclusive interview in a separate video. She wears this outfit outside in the snow. It was cold but Lila brought the heat.
She debuted on Valentine's Day, and what a gift to the big-boob community she is. Lila Payne's all-natural breasts stretch her outfit to the extreme limits in her second SCORELAND scene.
"Putting on make-up and getting dolled up makes me feel sexy," said Lila. "I love to play dress-up and try on all of my lingerie. I have an enormous collection."
"I like my boobs a lot. They do get in the way, so it's hard to exercise. I don't get to run or skip or jump or do kick-boxing, but I love them." Instead, Lila practices yoga. (A Bonus video of Lila practicing her yoga moves is lined-up for a future posting.)

Short Clip

Interview Clip


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